Wednesday, August 11, 2010

In(Dependent) India!!

Here we are fast approaching our 64th Independence day celebrations and still if there is nation wide survey carried out asking "For how many years now have we been independent?", I can bet that half of us won't know, some won't be bothered, and few  might even Google this. I mean what stage have we reached, where there are eternal optimists present who think India is fast approaching its golden age whereas there are other who think its a curse to be born here; where the first lesson anybody learns is inequality and racism. Come to think about it, how "independent" are we? We still rely on Russia for arms and ammunition, and fail to tap the hidden potential of engineers and scientists within  our own country, and when this awesome talent goes abroad everybody has to cry about the brain drain. O god!! what do you expect when we have so many holes in our own system. Not that the world in not corrupt or anything but what I admire about the rest of the world is that still they find a way about this corruption and whatever the crisis the whole nation stands united. Really how united are we? A simple example when I was in England I could see everyone wearing a special ribbon and on a preplanned day they even held a minutes silence. On naively inquiring about what the big deal was about I was clearly shouted back at and explained well in a very aggressive way that this was held as a homage to the soldiers who lost their lives in the war in Iraq. Well after Kargil how many of us even consider ourselves indebted to the army men for some peace and quiet that we are so grateful to get at night. I think the only time I have seen anyone taking the Indian army seriously in on Facebook where most of us naively "like" the Indian Army page, along with thousands of other idiotic pages that we "like". Where's the sense of respect??
This year also everybody will definitely celebrate our Independence day mostly as a holiday, waving flags (which are mostly seen kissing the roads the next day), merry making and when asked how Indian are you....we all move our heads unanimously saying "oh yes, we all are very...very India" like its preprogrammed or something. BTW that's the most idiotic response every!!..All of us are so used to corruption and the lack of respect for each other that it doesn't make a difference anymore. Take the Common(wealth) Games for example. Its a slap to our faces that we do not have the proper infrastructure and sane people who consider this to be our nations honour and at least try and complete the task in time. No sir!!!...we are more interested in exploring ways and means to cheat and corrupt like there is some nationwide competition. But you know I do not think anyone knows what the commonwealth games are and what are they held for. During a poll show on TV when asked what were the commonwealth games, half of the populous didn't have a clue, half confused them with Olympics other who were wise enough to answer included other planets in this tournament out of 20 people interviewed only a girl had a proper answer. 
Come on I feel terribly sorry considering where have we reached where we know almost all the states in America but fail to answer how many Union territories are there in India.Today India is more like a labyrinth of politics and corruption where you have to mould yourself to that level or be an outcast. How can we even think about competing with the western world when creativity and freedom of thought is chocked before it can even begin to breath. 

Sunday, August 1, 2010

India or Mafia Adda??

"Hopeless I tell u!!, I'll give India another 5-6 years before this country faces Armageddon" how many times have we heard this statement from different people and in different forms. But to be very honest we are really close to a meltdown, just this other day I had been to the place I spent most of my college life. The usual path that is followed by all when you reach this god forsaken place is...., get out of the station, get in the rickshaw, go to your destination and be at peace. But for some reason I was destined to encounter the ugly side of this deal.

I got in the rick only to be disturbed by this loud, idiotic Himeshhh song, the only thing i liked about it was the bass of the rhythmic beats which easily overshadowed the "irritating nasal tone" of the man himself. Well continuing my story, the auto "dude" must have just migrated form some unknown village and had this strong accent which was unlike anything i had heard. He asked where I wanted to go and I answered but my voice was dwarfed by the dhin-chak beats and in addition to that the ricks own engine which was screaming in agony. Well he didnt hear me the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th time and then suddenly this dude lost control, screaming, shouting agrily and abusing like there is some contest or something. For few moments I thought he was on drugs cause the few things he said ...boy even Thesaurus would have a hard time deciphering. I could not take this insult so I retaliated, shouted back and got off.

Unknown to me this entire scenario was seen, heard and documented by the "Union" and for some reason they ganged up on me pushing me and threating to beat me up saying "we would never take this insult from a Northie/ Bhaiya" I was like wattt??...are these people ok? They cooled down a bit when I lied that I was a Maharashtra Navanirman Sena activist, and they could get into serious trouble......still the rickshawwala wanted justice....few of the sane drivers took the crackpot away from the crowd, I got into another rick and drove off (Sorry if you though i would fight..... dream on!!...there were 12-15 rickwalas ready with their weapons).

Thinking about this, I really feel ashamed , what stage have we come to? where only the mafia survive? I mean this incident is just a tip of the iceberg if you consider the plight of the entire country. we cry about white people being racist are we ourselves? Do we even care about the country? I really don't think so!!....

God help us all?...well i think even he might have give up on such characters!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

warming up my fingers

Hi friends, this is Akshay. Well u might be wondering why the unusual title just the usual thingy where we try to make something interesting. Well that aside, am here not to bore you people about what happens in my day to day life. I know more than half of you ain't interested, but of course am not SRK or Aamir but I have started this blog just to pen down the experiences i get on a daily basis. Contemplating, comparing and retrospecting them, who knows I might even come up with some deeper meaning in life. Woah!!..way too much intellectual...dnt wanna start the emotional atyachar so early. But you know just sharing has it advantages, any incidence be it funny or sad, good or bad, we can always take something from it. Laugh out loud or just plain sit silently and ponder over it, the possibilities are endless.

Well I can see my fingers are already sweating... so lets get started.. and oh ya a word or caution, I have just been introduced to this blogging world so get ready for few pathetic blogs, am just a common average guy who has absolutely no command over the language and who fails to qualify as a writer but I hope to share some good experiences with you people and try n observe life in a different shade.