Thursday, June 3, 2010

warming up my fingers

Hi friends, this is Akshay. Well u might be wondering why the unusual title just the usual thingy where we try to make something interesting. Well that aside, am here not to bore you people about what happens in my day to day life. I know more than half of you ain't interested, but of course am not SRK or Aamir but I have started this blog just to pen down the experiences i get on a daily basis. Contemplating, comparing and retrospecting them, who knows I might even come up with some deeper meaning in life. Woah!!..way too much intellectual...dnt wanna start the emotional atyachar so early. But you know just sharing has it advantages, any incidence be it funny or sad, good or bad, we can always take something from it. Laugh out loud or just plain sit silently and ponder over it, the possibilities are endless.

Well I can see my fingers are already sweating... so lets get started.. and oh ya a word or caution, I have just been introduced to this blogging world so get ready for few pathetic blogs, am just a common average guy who has absolutely no command over the language and who fails to qualify as a writer but I hope to share some good experiences with you people and try n observe life in a different shade.